Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the cost of radiocarbon dating?

See Price List

What are the sample sizes required?

Sample size varies depending on material. See Sample Type and Size Requirements

What materials can be dated?

Most organic and some inorganic materials. Most common sample types include charcoal, bone, shell, wood, and peat.

What report will I receive?

On completion of dating you will receive an age report form with the 14C result as well as a calibrated age range.

What do I need to be aware of when sending samples?

Samples should have non-contemporaneous materials such as rootlets and shells removed by tweezers before drying and packaging. Samples should be dried at in a dust-free environment, and packed into clearly labelled heavy grade polythene bags. Please do not place paper labels in sample bags. All packages should be labelled: 'Scientific samples only - no commercial value' and accompanied by sample submission forms. Please write our current MPI permit number on the outside of the package. See Sending Samples

What should I be aware of when sending samples from overseas?

You will need to include a completed copy of our Sample submission form and a copy of our current customs import (MPI) permit. See Sending Samples